General info
User Experience Designer, User Interface Artist
Pittsburgh, PA
User Experience and Interface Designer going on 7 years of experience in the interactive entertainment industry. Seeking to work side by side with other technical and creative professionals who share a passion for building software that can be both functional and charming for its users. Offers a broad spectrum of UX work experience spanning Mobile Apps, PC Games, VR, AR, Location Based Entertainment, and even a smidge of Tabletop development.
Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 2012 - Present
Advanced User Experience/User Interface Artist
Schell Games LLC
Served multiple roles within the company related to the aesthetic and design development for internal projects, client projects, and business development.


'Claymore' VR (User Interface Artist, User Experience Designer) - Conceptualized and built various player facing features for our original IP VR title. Primary responsibilities included proposing functionality and iteration through wireframes and storyboards, prototyping simple proof of concepts for user testing, and spearheading development efforts to bring features to a high level of polish.

Unannounced Themepark Attraction (UX Designer, UI Artist) - Served as the point designer for guest facing interfaces incorporated in a confidential client project. Offered wireframes, flowcharts, animatics, and concept art to test various interfaces to work in parallel with the primary attraction as well as spearheading efforts to create more robust processes to test user populations and generate actionable data and feedback.

DanceStars (Art Director, UX Designer) - In partnership with the Google ATAP program, worked on a small team focused on building meaningful and engaging AR experiences on mobile phones. Served and Art Director and the lead UI/UX Designer for prototypes and a proof of concept demo for a rhythm dance movement game.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges (UX Design, UI Artist) - Worked in conjunction with Disney, Lenovo, and ILM to build an AR lightsaber dueling minigame using the proprietary Mirage headset peripheral. Worked in a research and exploratory capacity to build prototypes and functionality for testing with users. Taking lessons into production, we built a complete suite of features for player messaging to engage them intuitively with the combat experience.

WildSide (UI Artist, UX Designer) - Developed a mobile application for both iOS and Android to serve as a companion guide and rich content platform for the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. Primary responsibilities included UI/UX development, illustration, and graphic design for mobile devices. Also took on roles for design and pipeline development with the Xamarin development tool and Cocos Sharp.

WaterBears VR (UX Design, UI Artist) - Designed and developed user facing features for our VR spatial puzzle title. Responsibilities included iterative design and development of the level selection sequence of the experience and the player interface for accessing and using puzzle pieces.

I Expect You To Die VR (UI Artist) - Served as a texture artist and 3D modeler on an internal project for Virtual Reality platforms. Focused primarily on key assets and components related to game puzzle design and iterative development of the User Experience for our first time users.

Kickstarter (Developer) - Developed a successful crowdfunding campaign for the Kickstarter platform to fund an internal project for Schell Games. Tasked with research, project estimation, Kickstarter community outreach, and visual development to run the campaign.

Orion Trail (Art Director) - Successfully Kickstarted internal project that combined the Oregon Trail game concept with a comedy, space adventure theme. Collaborated closely with a small team to develop the User Interface, User Experience, and illustrated assets of the game.

S.E.C.R.E.T. Experience (Art Director) - Over the course of several phases, oversaw the development for a unique located based entertainment experience for the Children's Museum of Houston. Combined physical props, printed materials, digital interfaces, and other technology to develop a Spy-Fy genre scavenger hunt and puzzle adventure in which guests took on the role of agents working undercover within the museum.

Game Sprout (Art Advisor, Game Artist)- Operated in a hybrid capacity as a community manager and concept artist to collaborate with members on the cooperative game development platform developed by Schell Games. Was tasked with critiquing work on game design and conceptual development pieces while participating and helping individual users and teams solidify their creative vision for game development.

Enemy Mind (Art Director)- Collaborated on a small team to quickly conceptualize and develop an internal IP project as part of a new experimental company initiative. Served as Art Director, Lead Artist, and UI Developer to create a retro-esque space shooter game for PC.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Web Minigames and Game Portal (Game Artist)- Conceptualized and created the visual assets and user interfaces for web games related to the Fred Roger's Company cartoon show Daniel Tiger. Worked closely with client creative services to ensure all content was cohesive with the television production's artistic direction and guidelines.
Pittsburgh, PA
Jun 2011 - Dec 2012
Artist, Developer
Entertainment Technology Center - CMU
Working as part of a small development team tasked to rapidly prototype and explore possible solutions for sponsors by leveraging the entertainment media space. Filled roles across concentrations including User Interface, Conceptual Artist, 3D Modeling and 3D Texture Artist, 3D Animator, Adobe Flash Animator, and Technical Artist.


Capital Games - Working with a research group based out of the University of Michigan, Capital Games seeks to expand upon current media solutions for early childhood literacy education for children 4 - 6 years old in under-served demographics.

Beyond the Stage - Beyond the Stage explored the Transmedia space for live performance theatre and sought to develop new experiences for audiences through integration of technology and game theory.

Augur - Serious Games have been drawing much attention and interest from all avenues. With sponsorship from Lockheed Martin, Augur explored the space of game development as a way to solve real world problems and create better predictive Artificial Intelligence. With use of small prototypes and crowd source platforms, Augur worked to collect data on human behavior and design an AI that used unconventional approaches to create predictive algorithms.
Philadelphia, PA
Jul 2011 - 2013
User Experience Designer, User Interface Artist
SmugBee Games LLC
Co-founded Philadelphia based developer, SmugBee Games, to actively pursue passion for independent game development with a small team of peers. Provided design and development on internal company owned projects as well as client services for release to PC and mobile platforms. Work encompassed development with Flash IDE and Unity.
Pittsburgh, PA
2010 - 2013
3D Artist
Freelance Artist
Provide contractual work for hire services such as 3D Asset Production, Conceptual Illustration, Rigging and Animation, and Game Design. Client list has included: Drexel University, Carnegie Mellon, Windry Solutions LLC, Allflex Packaging, Etcetera Edutainment, and First Eye Entertainment.
Pittsburgh, PA
2008 - 2010
Bachelors Game Art and Design
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Philadelphia, PA
2004 - 2008
Mechanical Engineering, Digital Media
Drexel University
Technical and Communication Skills
Unreal Game Engine
Unity Game Engine
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Development for VR (Oculus and Vive)
3D Modeling and Texturing Techniques
Rigging and Animation Practices
Design Document Development
SCRUM Agile Development